October 2011 Laundry List

Anglican Worship Conference – Nov 8-10, Durham, NC

David Taylor, Duke ThD student and avid Artist/Pastor/Blogger is helping to host a conference out of the Anglican tradition on worship and liturgy.  Should be really interesting to a few of you out there. In Durham, NC coming up soon!  Nov 8-10. More info HERE.

Calvin Worship Symposium
, Grand Rapids, Jan 26-28, 2012
If you’ve never been to this worship conference this is a great year to check it out.  We’ll be leading a workshop on walking with Jesus through the Psalms of Ascents for Holy Week and participating in a round-table on the new hymns movements with Kevin Twit, Sandra McCracken, Isaac Wardell, hosted by Greg Scheer and James KA Smith.


First off…I am still working on my review of Zac Hicks’ latest masterpiece “Without Our Aid.” I just need to stop listening and start writing!  But don’t wait for that to pick up the new album HERE.  Justin Taylor’s blog even featured the communion song Lord, I Believe in today’s post. nice.

Here are a couple of albums that will be coming out soon!

The Gathering Church
– Durham, NC
After a successful Kickstarter campaign this summer they will be releasing a collection of done-up hymns this Xmas.  Some great musicians here from some great Triangle area bands (Megafaun, Phil Cook, Mandolin Orange, Jeff Crawford, etc). Check out their Christmas album from last year.

Wen Reagan
– Durham, NC
Wen is a grad student at Duke and a fine songwriter and musician.  Cardiphonia was lucky to get him to record a song for our Pentecost collection this year.  Check out his new album “Epiphany” coming out November 1st.

BiFrost Arts
– Charlottesville, Va and International
BiFrost Arts is raising money through a kickstarter campaign to produce and record their third full length album revolving around the theme of ‘Agnus Dei.’  Support one of the most innovative music-arts group working in the church today.  They are even giving away some free music at Noisetrade!

New Songwriters Blog
from Sojourn musicians Bobby and Kristen Gilles. Great stuff here.

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