Songwriting and Theology – full song

Each week in our Songwriting and Theology course we look at a specific theme in the history of hymnody and attempt to write something ourselves that mimics this topic.  Last week however we were asked to write a complete song building on what we have been learning all semester.

The assignment was to write a complete text along with a listing of scriptural quotes, allusions, and echoes embedded in the song and then provide a prose commentary on which aspect of Christian theology is embedded and expressed through the song.  (similar to what we read in John Lawson’s book, ‘A Thousand Tongues  ‘)

I took my inspiration from the lack of hymns addressing the theme of ascension (and descension?) and inspired by the texts that speak of “descending and ascending” powers worked my way through the NT narrative.  (John 1:51, Matthew 3:16, John 3:13, John 20:17, Ephesians 4:8,10; 1 Thessalonians 4:16, et al)


Come, Heaven Down
chords | demo

He descended from the heavens
to serve his Father’s will
He descended into Mary,
The lowly womb to fill.
He descended to the waters
The drowning world to save
When the blessed dove came soaring down
The Son of man was raised!

Come Heaven Down, Come Heaven Down
and lift our longing hearts
Descend and bring new songs to sing
O God how great thou art!

He walked the dusty paths of earth
The gospel to proclaim
He knelt beside the sick and lame
And rose in worldly fame
He fell beneath the whip and tree
And stumbled on the road
Ascended to a deathly cross
Where blood and spirit flowed

The third day he rose from the grave
The victory crown to claim
Ascended to his heav’nly throne
To take His rightful name
[They longed for him to stay below
and be their earthly king
But he rebuked their lowly faith
“I must ascend to reign”]

Ascended to the starry host,
He filled the universe
Ascended to the throne of thrones
The captives to disperse
The Promised gift descended nigh
To comfort all the lost
The Holy Ghost was showered down
His gifts a kingly boast

In the end he’ll descend again
The judgment to proclaim
Then the recreated worlds
Will cease to spin and strain

(c) 2011 Bruce Benedict

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  1. This is nice. It really captures the big picture story. This could be a cool song to sing on Christmas Sunday. Also this seems like a pretty neat class, I am a bit jealous of all the neat stuff that is so close and accessible to you folks on the east coast.

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