Songs for the Supper Compilation CD

Please visit our BandCamp site to download our newest compilation of songs for the Lord’s Supper.

You can download the Songbook at this LINK

Many of our churches celebrate the Lord’s Supper weekly and we are always trying to find new music that we can use that strikes a balance between meditative reflection and expectant celebration. We hope these songs can help to deepen and expand our congregation’s participation in the feasting.

Please visit the artists at their links below and support them by buying their music, joining their facebook pages and sharing their music with friends. These artists are giving sacrificially to enrich the width and breadth of song in our worship.

Thanks to these artists for donating their talents to this project.

Bethany Brooks – Quarry Street Hymnal (Philly, PA)
Bobby Krier and Justin Ruddy – City Life Music (Boston, MA)
Brian T. Murphy and Brian Elmquist –  (Brooklyn, NYC)
Cereus Bright (Knoxville, TN)
Clint Wells (Nashville, TN)
Eric Barnhart (Greenville, SC)
Gina Tuck (St. Louis, MO)
Hiram Ring, Matthew Monticchio – Pageant Music (Harrisburg, PA)
Jeff Crawford and The Gathering Church (Durham, NC)
Jered McKenna (Greenville, SC)
Jess Alldredge (Seattle, WA)
Karl Digerness and City Hymns (San Francisco, CA)
Luke Brodine – Rare Sunshine Music (Palo Alto, CA)
Luke Morton (Issaquah, WA)
The Ironsides (Dallas, Tx)
Matt Grimsley and Redeemer Church (Knoxville, TN)
Melanie Penn (NYC)
Michael Van Patter (Greensboro, NC)
Nathan Partain (Indianapolis, IN)
Ordinary Time Music (Vancouver, BC)
Rick Jensen – Liturgy Fellowship (St. Louis, MO)
Sarah Majorins – Gloria Notes (Davis, CA)
Shelby Murphy and Redemption Hill (Richmond, Va)
The Welcome Wagon (Williamsburg, NY)
Wen Reagan (Durham, NC)
Zac Hicks and Cherry Creek Worship (Denver, CO)

Produced by Cardiphonia & The Liturgy Fellowship

All songs belong to the Artists.
Image by Kyle Ragsdale –
Design by Ladye Jane Vickers  –

Thanks to Christ the King in Raleigh, NC

Inspired by our worship renewal grant from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship.

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