O Come Emmanuel Advent Devotional

The familiar advent carol “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” has been sung during advent for over a thousand years (and is still an incredible favorite!).  Initially it was sung one verse at a time during evening worship the week before Christmas as the O Antiphons.  Riffing off of this practice we have written up a brief devotional inspired by these messianic motifs from the Old Testament for our church  to use as they prepare for Christ’s birth and pray for his second coming.

As advent looks towards Christ return on earth it also looks to the celebration of the heavens.  In that spirit we have given you “O Feast of Nations” as an 8th verse.   On Xmas eve as you celebrate with friends and family give part of your time to reading through this devotional – pointing us towards the feast of the Lamb.

[PDF download]
[PDF of Leadsheet]

Musical Versions of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Red Mountain Music
Castle Island Hymns
Sojourn Music
Sufjan Stevens
High Street Hymns
Pageant Music
Christ Church Berkeley
Covenant Choral Ensemble
David Crowder Band
BiFrost Arts
Belle and Sebastian

A collection of sonnets for the O Antiphons by Malcolm Guite. (HT David Taylor)

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