New Years Hymn – Charles Wesley

Collection of Hymns for the New Year – Charles Wesley

(use tune for “O Worship the King“)

All praise to the Lord whose trumpet we hear,
Which speaks in his word the festival year:
The loud proclamation of freedom from thrall,
And gospel-salvation is published to all.

2 The year of release ev’n now is begun,
And pardon, and peace with Jesus sent down:
Eternal redemption through him we obtain,
And present exemption from hunger and pain.

3 Ye spirits enslaved, Your liberty claim,
Believe, and be saved through Jesus’s name;
That infinite lover of sinners embrace,
And gladly recover His forfeited grace.

4 With joyfullest news your prisons resound,
Your fetters are loose, your souls are unbound:
Resume the possession for which ye were born,
From Satan’s oppression to heaven return.

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