February 2012 Cool Stuff List

It’s really encouraging when you find that there is more going on then you have time to read, listen to, blog about, share with someone over coffee.

Here are some of my favorites from 2012 thus far:

Hymns from the Gathering Church

The Gathering Church has put out my favorite hymns album so far in 2012.  Including musicians from a number of the best bands (Megafaun, Mount Moriah, etc) in the Triangle area they have brought some beautiful arrangements to bear on many familiar hymns, and some others more obscurely nestled in the americana hymnal.

Doxology and Theology Site

Matt Boswell has kicked off a new resource site for worship leaders based on the premise of the Gospel Coalition.  You can read more about it here.  They will also be hosting a conference next November.  Hope to see many of you there!  You can follow matt at @mattboswell or @doxandtheo.

Stephen Miller – God and Sinner Reconciled

Stephen Miller directs worship at The Journey in St. Louis, MO.  Besides being a fantastic songwriter he is also a super great guy.  Listen to his new CD here and read a recent interview with him over at Bobby Gilles blog ‘My Song in the Night.’

Psalms for All Seasons

A fantastic new resource for exploring the Psalms in worship.  Includes scripture, prayers, multiple music versions of each psalm, liturgical suggestions for use, etc.  Although it is faithful to a traditional hymnal type of resource if you have enjoyed The Worship Sourcebook then you will also find this very helpful.

Un-Ash Wednesday Service

Christ the King, the church I lead worship for in Raleigh, NC is having our first ‘un’ Ash Wednesday service this year.  Instead of placing ashes we are going to anoint with oil. You can read through our liturgy and songs here.

An Open Letter to Praise Bands
from “Desiring the Kingdom” author James KA Smith

Zac Hicks – What is Biblical Worship

Zac Hicks reflects on an article by Mike Farley “What is Biblical Worship” that discusses the various approaches to ‘biblical’ worship that the church engages in.   You can download the article HERE and from Zac’s blog.

Old Hymns for our Day & The Bono Effect and Corporate Worship.  Two interviews on hymns, music, and the church from Mike Cosper, Isaac Wardell, and Kevin Twit over at the Gospel Coalition site.

4 thoughts on “February 2012 Cool Stuff List

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  1. “It’s really encouraging when you find that there is more going on then you have time to read, listen to, blog about, share with someone over coffee.”

    You must be an optimist. I happen to find that endlessly frustrating. When I create the universe ex nihilo I’ll be sure to include a 48 hour day so I can spend more time on the internet.

    You, on the other hand, really save a lot of time for the rest of us by compiling all these excellent resources in one convenient location. Thanks!

  2. Very cool (non)Ash Wednesday Service. I’ll be stealing ideas when we do our service next year!

    Curious: Why did you choose to go with oil instead of ashes? Also, what’s this setting of “The Secret Place”? I don’t recognize it and didn’t notice an author on the PDF.

    1. Tim, thanks for catching that. The Secret Place is a Red Mountain tune off of their new album “All things New.” I didn’t notice that I hadn’t included the copyright info. I’ll send you my little doc on why we decided to go with anointing instead of ashes if you’re really that interest. ;)

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