Song – Empty Hands

Georges Rouault, "Miserere, plate 22"

Songs you write often have a life of their own totally outside of your control.  I hadn’t thought of this particular song for years until I heard from a friends church that they sang it recently. I wrote it for myself originally but had some friends encourage me to work on it for congregational use.  Nathan Partain, Worship Leader at Redeemer Presbyterian in Indianapolis and one of my favorite songwriters was kind enough to send me a live recording of their church singing it recently.  It’s a good song for Lent, and a good song for a series looking at Genesis 1-3.

Empty Hands
mp3 | chord chart

From these empty hands up to heaven,
From the 1st day unto the seventh
Let me glorify the King of all kings

From the first born of all creation,
The Savior of all the nations
Reign your love, the first of all loves

So fill my hands with your hands, fill my heart with your heart
Into your death my death and from Your light all my life

From the Garden of our First Days,
To the hour we sought to hide from your gaze
No longer naked but wrapped in our own shameful ways.

Lost among every image I see,
Lost to the glory that’s mended into me
Found for the hope that’s longing to heal me.

From the tears of my last stand,
To the idols broken by your loving hand
Turn me to worship the one true God, “I Am”.

From the hate of my deepest sin,
To the grace that purifies the depths within
Lord, turn me to repent what I can never mend.

Words and Music (c) Bruce Benedict, 2001
* Image used via permission from Translation. “In so many ways, the beautiful calling of sowing a hostile earth.”

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