A Song for Lent – Psalm 57

Lent – Day 18 – Psalm 57:7

Cleaning up around Cardiphonia HQ I found this demo that was recorded for a text from Psalm 57 that I submitted to be in the new psalter Psalms for All Seasons.

The psalm praises God in bold strokes for deliverance from the dark machinations of man. You can hear this on the lips of Jesus praying as he moves through the sufferings of holy week to the cross and triumphs in the exaltation of the Resurrection.

demo | recording | Leadsheet

Be gracious to me, Lord
and hold my spirit fast,
that I may shelter by your side
until the storm is past.

Though snares are set for me,
yet I will sleep in peace,
for I have asked the care of God
whose love shall never cease.

My soul, awake and sing—
such boundless love recall,
exalt God’s name above the skies,
God’s glory over all!

Words: Michael Parry
©1973, USA ©1983 by Hope Publishing Co. UBP

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