Communion Songs for Easter

Many churches only celebrate communion as a seasonal celebration (once/twice a month, once a quarter, etc).  And Easter is often reserved as one of those special Sunday’s where the Lord’s Supper will be celebrated as the ultimate picture of the victory of the cross and our union with Christ!

Last weekend at Christ the King we heard Reggie Kidd unfold for us the Emmaus Road scene in Luke 24.  In this passage the resurrected, but veiled Savior opens the entire scriptures for the disciples and taught on all that the Christ had to accomplish…but that it was only AFTER he broke bread that the disciples fully realize who he is!

This scene, among others, establishes the worship of the new testament church around Word and Table as the full proclamation of the Gospel.  Here are a few songs that help connect word and table for Easter Sunday.  Our prayer being that as we lead our people to the table their eyes would be fully opened to the wonder of our King who continues to lead us, feed us, and intercess for us from the throne in heaven.

Songs for Easter Communion:







Jack Kinneer – Why We Should Take the Lord’s Supper Weekly

Tim Keller – Changing the World through the Lord’s Supper

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  1. I highly recommend Luke Morton’s “The Lamb Has Overcome” – we are singing it at Trinity on Easter Sunday ( and I’m teaching to a Christian school this afternoon (Timothy Christian School)

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