Palm Sunday Weekend with Reggie Kidd

Melchizedek brings to Abram bread and wine. (Gen 14:18)

For Palm Sunday we invited Reggie Kidd to visit our church to speak on the future-looking aspects of the Lord’s Supper (as part of our Calvin Worship Grant).  He spoke with our leadership team on Saturday night, and twice on Sunday morning (Sunday School and Sermon).

During our leadership team dinner we talked about how the Lord’s Supper is a means of grace, and how at the table we become the realized body of Christ and that through this we can encourage and lift those up struggling in their faith.

During the Sunday School time Reggie focused on the Lord’s Supper through Exodus 24, Lev 23, and Revelation 19.  Noticing how this chapter and the Psalms share the penultimate biblical phrase of praise “Hallelujah”.

[download talk here]

During the sermon he drew out the connections between Genesis 14 and Hebrews 6 & 13 showing how Christ is our high priest that eternally makes intercessions for us so that we can come to the table and be fed by God. He worship both in the midst of us and over us as His people.

[download sermon here]

Palm Sunday Worship Guide


Prelude – Blessed be the Name (Redmans)

All Glory, Laud and Honor (Redeemer-Knoxville arr)
The Lord is King (Nathan Partain arr)
At the Name of Jesus (Jon Gilley arr)
Before the Throne of God (Vicky Cook arr)
What Wondrous Love is This (Sacred Harp Arr with choir)
There is a Redeemer (Keith Green)

His sermon was based in a recent article “Jesus Christ, Our Worship Leader”.

PDF version here – PDF

Web version here – Jesus Christ, Our Worship Leader (Worship Leader, Mar/Apr ’11)


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