David Taylor – The Visual Arts and Worship

Christianity Today has just published an article by our friend David Taylor entitled “Discipling the Eyes Through Art in Worship.”  This is a really important discussion for many of us who are interested in supporting the arts in christian worship, loving on artists, using arts as part of our liturgical landscape, etc.  You can read the full article at the link above. After you have finished reading the article please check out two follow up posts from David here and here.

Here is a brief excerpt which features my old church Redeemer Presbyterian in Indianapolis.

Didactically. At other times the visual arts instruct us in the teachings of Christian faith. In Indianapolis, Redeemer Presbyterian Church recently created an art installation whose intention was to accompany a sermon series during Advent. A key idea was that life springs forth from the Word of Light. Stacks of Bibles, paper-collage banners embedded with live plants, jasmine set in the windows, tall glass candles, pink lanterns, and encaustic (painted with hot wax) paper hovering fantastically over the stage communicated a visual dimension of this idea. The installation also contributed aesthetic beauty to the space—a delight in line, color, smell, and texture.

Here is an appendix written by David Taylor that includes a list of books, articles, and organizations that you can pursue for further reading, reflection, and sharing!

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