Songs for Baptism

Here is a collection of songs and texts that meditate on various themes related to baptism.  However you practice this sacrament it is a time for congregational celebration.  In the various churches that I’ve served we have always sung a song of praise during or after the baptism that unites the congregation in both proclaiming and remembering the significance of baptism for our life in Christ.


Arise, My Soul, Arise (multiple)
Igrace – mp3 | leadsheet | Chords | purchase
Sov Grace – mp3 | charts | purchase

Baptized in Water (traditional tune/new text)
leadsheet | Text | publishing info

Baptism Hymn (Red River Hymnal)
mp3 | chart

God Be In My Head (Gathering Church arr.)
mp3 | leadsheet | Chords | purchase

I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say (Kevin Twit arr)
Demo and Charts | hymnary

Isaiah 43 (RuF Hymnbook)
Demo and Charts | info

Let us Love and Sing and Wonder (Newton – RUF Arr.)
Demo and Charts | info

Power in the Blood (Nothing But the Blood of Jesus)
mp3 | leadsheet 1 | leadsheet 2

Take My Life and Let it Be (F. Havergal)
mp3 | leadsheet | Chords | info

The Church’s One Foundation (Brian Moss arr)
mp3 | leadsheet | Chords | info

There is a Fountain Filled with Blood (multiple)
The Welcome Wagon – mp3 | leadsheet | buy
Karl Digerness (City Hymns) – mp3 | leadsheet | chord chart | Youtube
Indelible Grace – mp3 | leadsheet | chord chart | info
Traditional (Sojourn arr.) – mp3 | leadsheet

You have Redeemed My Soul (Waterdeep)
mp3 | leadsheet | purchase

Jesus Loves Me (Cardiphonia arr for Infant Baptism)
MP3 | Leadsheet


A Few of Our Favorite Baptism Resources:

See this post from Luke Brodine on ‘Singing Your Baptism

At Your Baptism” by Carrie Sttenwyk and John Witvliet

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