Celebrating and Singing the Ascension of Jesus Christ

This past Sunday the church celebrated as “Ascension Sunday.”  The Sunday remembers that 40 days after the Resurrection Jesus gathered before his disciples and in their sight ascended up to heaven. (Acts 1: 6-11) “And when he had said these things, as they were looking on, he was lifted up, and a cloud took him out of their sight.”  Zac Hicks reminds us in his recent post on the Ascension that Luke makes a point to both end and begin his two great letters with accounts of the ascension (so we should take note).  The ascension, however, doesn’t get a lot of attention…especially in our worship as sojourn pastor Daniel Montgomery states so succinctly in a recent post.  Yet it is utterly essential…if not inscrutable! Without the ascension there is no pentecost, there is no church, there is no application to our lives of the victorious work of the cross and resurrection!  The Ascension means that Jesus is now reigning, ruling, interceding for us, preparing a place for us, and ultimately planning his return for us.  Under the ascension we can live with hope that Christ will come again.

Continuing on with our series of compilations exploring under-served themes in worship music we have collected texts from various corners of church hymnody and recast them in recent musical garb…many written in the last month!

You can download the album for free at BandCamp (all donations will be given to Jobs for Life).  Included in the download is a PDF songbook of chords and leadsheets.

We also asked theologian Mike Farley to write an ARTICLE for us about the Ascension.  As you are listening to these new songs take a moment to read the article.  With these compilations we are trying to provide robust resources for worship leaders, churches, and all Christians by incorporating visual, musical, and theological perspectives.

Recent Posts on the Importance of Ascension:

Michael Farley – Jesus’ Ascension and Christian Worship
Sojourn Pastor Daniel Montgomery – Post
Worship Leader Zac Hicks –  Post
Article by Ron Man –  “On the Neglected Ascension
Paxson Jeancake – Rediscovering the Ascended Life of Jesus (Gospel Coalition Blog)
Malcolm Guite – A Sonnet for Ascension Day
John Piper – 6 reasons Jesus’s ascension matters

More Songs meditating on the Ascension

Right Hand of the Father (Paxson Jeancake)
mp3 | leadsheet | Album – Wide Awake

Church of God, Behold Your Savior (Josh Eby Text)

Come Heaven Down (Bruce Benedict)
chords | demo | blog post

Lord, Enthroned in Heavenly Splendor (Evan Mazunik arr)
mp3 | leadsheet | Ascension hymn for communion

Christ Whose Glories Fill the Skies (Luke Morton arr)
| Chart

Psalm 47 – O For a Shout of Sacred Joy (Luke Hyder)
mp3 | chart

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