Worship Leading Retreat with the Anglican Mission

A few weeks back I had the privilege to fellowship with a group of worship leaders and songwriters from the Anglican Mission in America (AmiA).  I was participating in their yearly retreat to encourage, train, and inspire mission and unity in worship leaders serving in this new Anglican expression in the US.

The retreat was led and facilitated by Andy Piercy was has been working with the AmiA for a numbers of years developing worship leaders and mentoring churches at various points in their worship ministries. Andy is full of wisdom and insight from the many years he gave to leading at Holy Trinity Brompton – HTB (London, UK) home to the alpha course.  Andy has also produced and mentored well known songwriters Matt Redman and Tim Hughes (Here I am to Worship).

The theme of this years retreat was “God of the Garden and the Wilderness” and featured teaching from Andy and songwriter Brenton Brown (Hosanna, Lord reign in me).  I was really moved by hearing the story of Brenton’s life and how God has led his family through serious illness.  Growing up in South Africa, studying in the UK, and living in the US has given him a unique perspective on writing for the church and navigating the world of music publishing.

They are in the process of developing an exciting new curriculum to train and mentor worship leaders that we will post on when we get more info.

You can contact Andy directly through his website for more info.


Some great churches to check out associated with this movement:

St. Peters (Mt. Pleasant, SC) – Home church of Andy Piercy and Patrick Schlabs
– Here’s a great article “Why I Love Liturgy” from their worship pastor Patrick Schlabs

Trinity Anglican Mission (Atlanta, GA) – Martin Reardon and crew have produced some wonderfully inventive music for a contemporary, liturgical worship. HERE

The Mission Chattanooga (Chat, GA) – This church in downtown Chattanooga is filled with artists and musicians creating a crazy cultural mix of music and song. HERE

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