Helps for Worship – The Service

Psalm 133 “Like the Dew of Hermon” (c) 2007 Aaron Collier

Reading both Zac Hicks and Stephen Millers recent posts on facets of public worship (see below) inspired me to collect and post some my favorite articles that explore the actions and texts relating to corporate worship.  (If you have any favorites post links in the comments below)


Preparation for Worship

Planning and Leading Worship as a Pastoral Task – John Witvliet

Why posture matters in Worship – Stephen Miller

Singing in Worship – Steve Guthrie (Belmont U)

Leading in Prayer – Geoff Bradford

The Service

Why we need the call to Worship – Zac Hicks

Confession of Sin with examples – Dr. Michael Farley

Singing our baptism in Worship – Luke Brodine

Reading Scripture in Worship – Bruce Benedict

Passing the Peace of Christ in Worship – Bruce Benedict

The Lord’s Supper in Worship – Dr. Mike Farley

The Benediction – Dr. David Calhoun

On Liturgy in General

Renewing Liturgy – Joel Garver

Sacred Space 101 – Bruce Benedict

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