Rain for Roots Album Resources

Rain for Roots is a collective of songwriters working out of Nashville, TN.  Many of them friends associated with RUF/Indelible Grace and City Church – East Nashville.

They are Ellie Holcomb | Sandra McCracken | Katy Bowser | Flo Paris
Lyrics are by Sally-Lloyd Jones

Following up after the amazing bible for children (and adults) “The Jesus StoryBook  Bible” the artists in Rain for Roots discovered that Sally Lloyd-Jones had a collection of poems for children.  Already in verse they were just begging to be put to music. Sandra McCracken spearheaded the project and enlisted a number of friends to write and record the songs.  The album is called “Big Stories for Little Ones.

We love this album so much and wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to support it, sing it, see it, read about it, and worship Jesus with it. Copious links below.

Interviews & Media:

Official Website and Media

Interview with Sally Lloyd-Jones – Porter Blog

Children’s Music Matters – Art House Blog Interview with Sandra

Track List:
Chord & Lyric Booklet (PDF)

God Makes Everything – Sandra McCracken
mp3 | chords | scripture – Gen 1-2

God Rescues Noah From the Storm – Flo Paris
mp3 | chords | scripture

God Helps Baby Moses – Katy Bowser
mp3 | chords | scripture

Little David Beats Goliath – Ellie Holcomb
mp3 | chords | scripture

God Saves Daniel – Flo Paris
mp3 | chords | scripture

Baby Jesus Is Born – Flo Paris
mp3 | chords | scripture – Luke 2

Jesus Loves Zacchaeus – Sandra McCracken
mp3 | chords | scripture

Jesus Stops A Storm – Sandra McCracken
mp3 | chords | scripture

Jesus Is Alive – Ellie Holcomb
mp3 | chords | scripture – matt. 27-28

Jesus Loves Little Children – Katy Bowser
mp3 | chords | scripture – Mark 10 and Psalm 135:4

I’ll add the rest as I have time!

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