Songs for Luke – friends edition

(Wood Engraving) by Herbert Ott

Nothing is more exciting than seeing worship leaders and pastors engaging in an intense creative effort for the benefit of the church and its worshipping people.  Listening to these compositions from various friends across the country for The Gospel Coalition project has been wonderfully encouraging.  Each song different and connected to the context of that church’s gifts and leaders.  Some of these songs have been a first collaboration between a pastor and a worship leader, some of them a first attempt at lyric writing from a distinct scripture narrative. All them really engaging compositions!

Thanks to Mike Cosper and co. for inspiring this creative outpouring for the sake of the church.  Thanks for using your platform to both challenge the status quo and sharpen the gifts of its song leaders.  You’ve made the church more beautiful and true.

*note – Cardiphonia has no say in what songs will ultimately be picked for the Gospel Coalition album.  We’ve simply been posting them on the blog for your edification and encouragement.


Patrick and Meg Schlabs – St. Peter’s Church, Charleston
mp3 demo | chord chart  (How Can I Worry? – Luke 12:22-31)

Wen Reagan – Christ Community, Chapel Hill
mp3 demo | chord chart (He Has Come – Luke 1)

Craig Harris – Sun Valley Church, Yakima
mp3 | chords  (All We Like Sheep – Luke 15)

Bobby Krier &  Justin Ruddy – City Life Pres, Boston
mp3 | chords | post (Christ My Treasure – Luke 16)

Rachel Wilhelm & Chuck Colson – Ascension Anglican, DC
mp3 demo | chords (Rings and Robes – Luke 15)

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