Singing the Westminster Shorter Catechism

BB and the New Obedience

Last Sunday at Christ the King I gathered a few of the musicians who helped me record vol. 2 of my shorter catechism series and we played a little concert before church.  Geoff Bradford’s boys made us official band t-shirts (BB and the New Obedience) and we rocked through 25 of the 60 or so songs that I’ve written thus far!

A big thanks to the 5 of you who showed up!!

The kids at CTK will be learning a smattering of catechism and Rain for Roots songs this year as part of their class time during the preaching.

I started the project when I was in seminary and have kept plugging away at it over the years.  Supporting families and churches learning the shorter catechism from the US to England, South Africa, and even Australia!!

More info on the project HERE –

Volume One covers questions 1-38

Shorter Catechism, Vol.1

You can listen and purchase @ Cdbaby | Itunes  | Amazon  | BandCamp

Volume Two covers questions 86-107 which focus on the sacraments and the Lord’s Prayer. (86-107)

You can listen and purchase @ bandcamp.  Itunes and Amazon coming soon.






2 thoughts on “Singing the Westminster Shorter Catechism

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  1. I want to purchase several CDs of Shorter Catechism Vol. 1 for the students in my 5th grade Shorter Catechism class at church. I will need 5-10 CDs. Do you offer a bulk rate for multiple purchases? I’d love to hear back from you.

    Thanks so much for the wonderful music.

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