Top Ten Songs of Sending

Cardiphonia and Liturgy Fellowship have a fantastic Facebook page where worship leaders can ask questions, get resources, interact with one another.  Recently someone posted a question eliciting favorite closing/sending songs.  Here is our curated (nowhere close to exhaustive) list.  Please add to it in the comments below.

A few key themes found in these songs/hymns.
1. A presence/blessings focus – Services should end with a clear communication of Benediction – a reminder that God is working to bless and keep us.
2. A mission focus – A focus on God’s kingdom mission in the world – to go out and proclaim the gospel to the ends of the earth.
3. A discipleship focus – making a vocal commitment to work out the ethical and spiritual call of Sunday in all aspects of our worldly lives.
4. A trinitarian focus – Christian worship has always been punctuated with Trinitarian prayer.  Singing to/about the Trinity is an appropriate and biblical means of being sent into the world.
4. A teleological focus – a desire for Christ’s return motivated by belief AND troubles we have living in the world.

Here is our article and resources for Benedictions in general.


Praise the Savior (Traditional)
mp3 | chords | leadsheet

Take My Life and Let it Be (Traditional)
mp3 |  leadsheet

May the Grace of Christ our Savior (John Newton)
post | leadsheet info (With tune for ‘Come Thou Fount’ or ‘Here is Love’)

My Hope is Built – Solid Rock (Traditional)
mp3 |  leadsheet


All Must Be Well (Matthew Smith)
mp3 | chords | leadsheet

All Things New (Red Mountain/City Hymns)
mp3 | leadsheet

O Love that Will Not Let Me God (Indelible Grace)
mp3 | chords | leadsheet

On Jordan’s Stormy Banks (Indelible Grace)
mp3 | chords | leadsheet


Take to the World (Derek Webb)
mp3 | chordslyrics

Never Cease To Praise (Jeff Bourque)
mp3 and charts

Anywhere with Jesus (Nathan Partain)
mp3 | leadsheet

The Lamb has Overcome (Luke Morton)
mp3 chords | leadsheet | info

There is a Redeemer (K. Green)
mp3 | leadsheet


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