The Spirit of Adoption – A. M. Toplady

Working on curating a collection of hymn texts on the theme of our spiritual adoption for the Denver ReHymn Project and found this great text from “Rock of Ages” author Augustus Toplady inspired from Rom. 8:15.  Reading this text you can’t help but be overwhelmed with the gravity and sheer miraculous reality of God adopting us because of Christ’s work.  It’s the kind of text that brings music from your heart quickly.

I wrote a chorus to balance off the older language of the verses and recorded a quick demo.  Enjoy!

The Spirit of Adoption
mp3 | chords | info

1. O Thou, that hear’st the prayer of faith,
Wilt Thou not save a soul from death,
That casts itself on Thee?
I have no refuge of my own,
But fly to what the Lord has done,
And suffered, once for me.

O, sweet Love that leads me in
O, Sweet Savior who welcomes in
To think that I shall be His own eternally

2. Slain in the guilty sinner’s stead,
His spotless righteousness I plead,
And His availing blood:
His righteousness my robe shall be,
His merit shall atone for me,
And bring me near to God.

3. Then snatch me from eternal death,
The Spirit of adoption breathe,
And consolation send:
By Him some word of life impart,
And sweetly whisper to my heart,
“Thy Maker is thy Friend.”

Words by A. M. Toplady, Chorus by Bruce Benedict
Music: Bruce Benedict, 2012 © Cardiphonia Music

4 thoughts on “The Spirit of Adoption – A. M. Toplady

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  1. zac, totally! and the subtlety of the Trinity’s presence makes it even more profound. Here’s an alt Chorus to that pulls that theme to the surface.
    Praise the Father who leads me in
    What a Savior who welcomes in
    To think that I shall be the Spirit’s eternally

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