Liturgical Resources for 2012

Great post today by Zac Hicks reviewing the new liturgical resource site  Check it out.

Every month or so I spend some time reading through the liturgies/orders of service of churches and worship leaders I respect. Here are a few links to accessing their liturgies.

Karl Digerness – City Church San, Fran
Nathan Partain – Redeemer Pres, INdy
Paul Vander Bijl – Cov Pres, Chicago
Matt Brown – Park Slope Pres, Brooklyn
Matt Grimsley – Redeemer Pres, Knoxville
Jess Alldredge – Grace Seattle Pres

Sojourn Church (Louisville, KY) also does a great job of posting their liturgies online each week. You can read and search through them HERE.

This fall I am working with our leaders to improve our worship leading at Christ the King.  We are focusing on our welcome script, our general opening prayer, and our Prayers of Intercession after Communion.  Here are three resources we are using as guides.

Prayers of the People – Calvin Institute of Christian Worship
Worship Leader Manual – Redeemer Pres NYC
Leading in Prayer – Hughes Oliphant Old

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