Resources for Exploring James KA Smith

James KA Smith is a philosophy professor at Calvin College, a prolific author, and an engaging twitterer.  We came to love him (but not inordinately) through his recent writings on faith formation through worship.  Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Formation) is just the first in a series that will explore the idea of Christian formation and education through Worship.  The second title (Imaging the Kingdom: How Worship Works) will be out later this year and you can get a preview of it by listening to his lectures at New College (see below).  If you’ve read the first one then you know it is a commitment – but well worth it!  But for those of you who can’t get to the book I’ve posted a bunch of video and audio resources for exploring his writings.

And make sure to mark your calendar for next years Laity Lodge ‘retreat for ministers to artists’ hosted by David Taylor.  Jamie Smith will be speaking and Isaac Wardell (Bifrost arts) will be leading music.

Here are a few links to talks that Jamie has given around.  Many of them are fairly similar and a helpful distillation of the thesis of Desiring the Kingdom.  Redeemer Knoxville is a whole weekend retreat and is definitely worth listening through.

Audio Talks

Symposium 2012 – Tune My Heart to Sing Your Praise and blog
Redeemer Knoxville – Weekend Seminar
New College,  Australia – Imagining the Kingdom: On Christian Discipleship and Action

Video Talks

Calvin College – 6o minute  overview of Desiring the Kingdom
Redeemer NYC – Gospel and Culture Lectures

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Oct 2013)


James KA Smith Blog – “Fors Clavigera

An Open Letter to Praise Bands” and ‘Postscript,’ from Blog (February 2012)
Redeeming Ritual,” The Banner  (February 2012).
Redemption,” in Comment magazine (Spring 2010).
Santification for Ordinary Life,” Reformed Worship (March 2012)
Why the Form of Worship Matters: A Conversation with James K. A. Smith,” Gospel Coalition (March 2013)

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