Ten Songs we are teaching our Kids

WSC Q. 12 (by Matt Kirkland)

This year at Christ the King we are taking a few minutes before Children’s Church to gather all of the kids together to sing some songs.   I’ve been working the past few weeks on gathering together a collection of 10-15 songs that I want them to learn this year.  The collection so far is a crazy mix of my catechism songs, old contemporary, new selections, etc.  I’m trying to provide simple, singable songs that expose the kids to a wide range of styles and theological/biblical ideas and that they can actually sing!  I’ve been listening to a bunch of  “kids” worship music and while they are really fun to listen to while driving around, or playing at home, most of them are pretty hard to sing!

I’ve tried to pick a range of songs that will expose our kids to the fundamentals of the Christian faith.  Teaching them about God, Man, Sin, Jesus, Salvation, the Trinity, etc.  I’ve also tried to pick songs that are a balance of singing about God and to God.  We’ve also avoided including many traditional ‘vbs’ songs in this list while trying to focus on clear biblically oriented songs and texts.  We’ll sing each song for two weeks and then review them in chunks after we’ve covered 5 songs.  Our singing time is just a couple minutes before the kids head to their classes which take place during our sermon.

Here is our working list:  
These songs are all in addition to the repertoire of church music they are learning while in our worship services.

Q1. What is the Chief End of Man?
[mp3 | chart]

This is the Day – (sabbath/creation)
[mp3 | chart]

Father, I Adore You (Trinity)
[mp3 | chart]

Q4. What is God? (God)
[mp3 | chart]

I Love You, Lord (Praise and Adoration)
[mp3 | chart]

Q3. What do the Scriptures Principally Teach? (bible)
[mp3 | chart]

Q14. What is Sin? (Sin)
[mp3 | chart]

Create in Me a Clean Heart (Psalm 51-confession)
[mp3 | chart]

Q.85 What is Faith in Jesus Christ? (confession of faith)
[mp3 | chart]

Jesus Loves Me (Baptism – Trinity)
[mp3 | chart | info ]

Q98. What is Prayer? (prayer)
[mp3 | chart]

Solas – Zac Hicks  – reformation sola’s in song!)
[mp3 | chart | info]

The Doxology  (Praise – Trinity)
[mp3 | chart]

Here are two posts from Sojourn with other Kids worship albums.

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  1. Very cool list. It’s admirable that you’re doing this! So what does the kids’ singing time look like? Do you sing just a couple songs then repeat for a few weeks?

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