Matt Boswell – Messenger Hymns, Vol 1

I have been following the music of Matt Boswell for a few years now since our mutual love for Hughes Oliphant Old connected us.  Matt is a worship pastor at Providence Church in Frisco, Tx, a songwriter with LifeWay Worship, and the driving force behind Doxology & Theology – which is hosting their first conference this week btw. (check out Zac Hicks’ post on this)

Matt has released a number of records which you can check out on itunes.

Matt has contributed to a couple of our compilations:
Apostles Creed and Pentecostgod-the-spirit
Lord’s Supperin-the-name-of-god-the-father

His most recent work {Messenger Hymns, Vol 1} is out this week and features six original texts written with a hymnic feel but for modern worship.  Matt is a truly gifted songwriter for the church and we’ve really enjoyed singing his “O God of Our Salvation” as one of our regular tunes.

O God of Our Salvation
mp3 | leadsheet | youtube

O God of our salvation
Who reigns upon the throne
The sovereign Father, great is He
From whom all blessings flow

O God of our salvation, From Whom redemption comes
O Father, Son and Spirit, The blessed three in one

Behold the Son our Savior
Who for our sin was slain
The Christ Who purchased with His blood
The wretched souls of men.

O God, The Holy Spirit
Revealing Deity
The fount of life and love divine
throughout eternity

Ascribe unending praises to the God Who reigns on high
How matchless is His power, His glory how divine
Ascribe O church the greatness and the glory due His name
One God, One Being, One Essence, O Triune God proclaimed. Amen.

2009 Dayspring Music, LLC (a div. of Word Music Group, Inc.) Bleecker Publishing (Admin. by Michael Bleecker)

Here is another text from his newest:

O Sing My Soul
mp3 | leadsheet | youtube

O sing my soul the ancient song
And lend your highest praise
To Him who is the King of old
And dwells in endless days
How resplendent His glory
How majestic His name
Now to the uncreated One
O let the anthem raise

O worship Him, our Father God
The Spirit, and the Word
Who fashioned all things from His joy
And saw that it was good
What perfection of friendship
What communion we shared
But chosing death, we fell from life
Aside the guilty pair

How hear us all the gospel song
Attend the joyful news
For Christ has come, the perfect Son
His Father’s will to choose
In our place He did suffer
In our place became sin
The death of death, the death of Christ
Who stands alive again

Now people of the risen Lord
O hear the call to go
Into the world we have been sent
As messengers of hope
Christ alone be our treasure
Christ alone our reward
Come bid the nations sing with us
The praises of the Lord

Words & Music: Matt Boswell & Matt Papa
© 2012 Dayspring Music, LLC (a div. of Word Music Group, Inc.)
Centricity Music Publishing/Love Your Enemies Publishing (Admin. by Amplified Administration LLC)

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