Songs for Liturgy Compilation

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Download an article written by Philip Majorins about the liturgical underpinnings of this album.

Most of the songs we sing in the church form complete thoughts.  They have a beginning, a middle, and an end.  They offer up an idea and develop it (hopefully) to a conclusion. And most of us have spent our worshipping lives singing these songs (or writing them!) – whether its the classic 4 verse hymn or the contemporary worship verse+ chorus+bridge.

But these complete thought songs aren’t the only way that music has served worship over the ages.  Many of the best songs in scripture offer only a glimpse at a story, a moment, a theological burst…they welcome us into a story (or finish it) but need to be filled out by other prayers, by preaching, by songs, by times of feasting or fasting.

In fact these short songs do a wonderful job at helping to remind us that the Gospel proclamation is an ever evolving and flowing narrative where neither Word, nor prayer, nor song, nor table has the last say…but in all of them together is Christ made full.

So we offer up this collection of incomplete songs as a testimony that Christ is died, Christ is risen, and Christ will come again.  It’s a fitting song to sing as we prepare for the advent season.  The full song of salvation hasn’t sounded yet.

This collection includes a few different perspectives on liturgical song.  A number of the tunes are examples of classic ‘service music.’  Songs like the kyrie, sursum corda, gloria, sanctus, lord’s prayer have been sung for centuries as a part of liturgical worship.  Many of the benedictions in the collection come from texts written by the great evangelical writers (Newton, Wesley, etc).  And finally there are a few hybrids.  Either devotional bits of the NT that we have versified or songs written in local churches that have served specific, contextual sung needs.

We hope you enjoy these songs and that they find their way into the beginnings, and endings, and crevices of your singing worship life…whether at church, at home, or along the way.

Thanks so much to these artists for donating their time and talents to this project:

Aaron Hale (Houston, TX)

Alex Mejias – High Street Hymns (Richmond, Va)

Bethany Brooks – Quarry Street Hymnal (Philly, PA)

Brian Moss (Seattle, WA)

Brian T. Murphy and Melanie Penn (Brooklyn, NYC)

Bruce Benedict (Raleigh, NC)

Greg Scheer (Grand Rapids, MI)

Hiram Ring (International)

Jered McKenna (Greenville, SC)

Jess & Annie Alldredge (Seattle, WA)

JG Hymns (Edinburg, Scotland)

Justin Brooks – Church of the Incarnation (Dallas, Tx)

Karl Digerness and City Hymns (San Francisco, CA)

Liz Janes and Trinity Church (Indianapolis, IN)

Luke Brodine and Grace Seattle (Palo Alto, CA)

Michael Van Patter (Greensboro, NC)

Patrick Schlabs (Charleston, SC)

Scott Johnson and The Crossing (Columbia, MO)

Stephen Gordon  (Bolling Green, KY)

Wen Reagan (Durham, NC)

Wendell Kimbrough (Washington, DC)

Zac Hicks and Cherry Creek Worship (Denver, CO)

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