Songs for Liturgy Compilation Artist Support

Download album at Bandcamp
(donations go to support the recovering efforts in NY/NJ from the storm)

The best thing about working on these compilation albums is getting to hear a lot of great music and supporting artists that are working hard and supporting churches and artists of their own!  Many of these songs have been written in the past month. But many of them I cull from existing albums to support the theme of our collection.  We’ve definitely been overwhelmed with the gracious gifts of these songs and want to let you know about a few projects that you should be listening to and supporting.

For a list and links to all of the artists we have worked with see our FOUNDRY page. Including songwriters and musicians we think it is now over 100 artists.

Justin Brooks
– Church of the Incarnation (Dallas, Tx)
info | itunes

Alex Mejias
– High Street Hymns
info | itunes | bandcamp

The Crossing
(Columbia, MO)
info | bandcamp

Bethany Brooks – Quarry Street Hymnal (Philly, PA)
info | bandcamp

Stephen Gordon
– Grace and Peace Pres (Bowling Green, KY)

Karl Digerness – City Hymns (San Francisco, CA)
info | bandcamp | review

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