Singing the Lord’s Prayer

Listening to Zac Hick’s recording of The Lord’s Prayer on our most recent compilation inspired me to search around and see what other versions of the Lord’s Prayer have been written and recorded recently.  Churches often recite the Lord’s Prayer during worship but I’ve never been to a church that sings it (although this is traditional in more liturgically oriented traditions).  If we follow St. Augustine’s maxim that singing is praying twice then singing the Lord’s Prayer should be something we consider as worship planners.

Below are a number of musical versions of The Lord’s Prayer covering the gamut of church music styles – from the uber-traditional Malotte to a contemporary arabic version!

Christ Church Nashville
mp3 | This is an arr. of the most iconic version of the Lord’s Prayer by Albert Malotte.

Zac Hicks (From Songs for Liturgy)
mp3 | chart | info

Erik Wyse (A popular liturgical version)
mp3 & charts

Shane & Shane (from Worship
mp3 | chart | info

Jared Anderson (Integrity)
mp3 | chart

Eric Priest (with caedmons call)
mp3 | chart | blog

Greg Scheer (from Blog)
mp3 and chart

Matthew Curl – Intown Pres
mp3 | chart

Abana in Heaven – (Arabic Version arr. Greg Scheer)
mp3 | chart | info

Enter the Worship Circle (from Chair and Microphone, vol. 4)
mp3 | chart | info

Sarah Macintosh  (From Then Sing My Soul)
mp3 |

Clark (from Humble American Christmas)
mp3 | chart

The Midtown Project (from The Midtown Project, vol1)
mp3 | chart

For Listening:

Derek Webb (“feedback” – concept album based on The Lord’s Prayer

Bruce BenedictThe Shorter Catechism
Questions 99-107

And of course you can also check out the 9 song-questions on the Lord’s Prayer that cap off the Shorter Catechism!

3 thoughts on “Singing the Lord’s Prayer

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  1. I’m on vacation right now and can’t update my broken website just yet but I’ve got a version called “May Your Kingdom Come”. It’s on iTunes. I’ll get it fixed and update you in the next week.

  2. Another very good, very useful post. Thank you. I’d also mention the version by The City Harmonic called “Manifesto.” It’s got more to it than just the Lord’s Prayer, but when it gets to the prayer it’s fantastic. The same goes for Jon Foreman’s “Your Love is Strong.” JF’s might be a little more paraphrased than some Christians are comfortable with, but it really is powerful.

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