Worship Planning with Liturgies.com

Cardiphonia is excited to support the work of Liturgies.com (The people behind PraiseCharts.com) in providing a broad range of liturgical resources for the church.  If you are interested in exploring their service please click from our site and you will help fund our efforts as well in creating and delivering resources to the church like our new compilation “Songs for Liturgy.”

Later this week you can also check out a podcast we are doing with Liturgies.com about Cardiphonia.  Their site is a perfect place for familiarizing yourself with the church calendar and finding the resources you need to plan worship for the whole year!

What Is Included?

  • Service Builder: Create your own worship services by either adapting, editing, and customizing available plans, or start with a blank slate and tap into our vast catalog of music, media, and readings with the click of a mouse.
  • Premium Service Plans: A growing collection of fully designed premium service plans for each week of the year including Advent, Epiphany, Christmas, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Pentecost, and ordinary time, as well as sacred actions and special services.
  • Library: Expand your knowledge of theology, history and church ministry as you delve into a vast and growing library featuring thousands of print, audio, and video resources for worship planning, sermon preparation, and general research.
  • Daily Office: Adapted from the Book of Common Prayer and organized on a two year cycle, the Liturgies’ Daily Office provides a devotion including an Old Testament lesson, an Epistle, a Gospel, and a psalm; a brief lesson; and the Collect of the Day.
  • Blog: Featuring useful and informative articles on worship, doctrinal issues, current events, church growth, church history, and other pertinent topics, written by leading scholars, writers, clergy, and musicians.

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