A Creed for Christmas by Samuel Stone

Samuel Stone penned a collection of hymns for each article of the Apostles Creed called ‘Lyra Fidelium (The Church’s One Foundation is the most popular text from the collection)  Reading through the book you are totally daunted by his dedication to the craft.  Not only are his texts exquisite but he collected vast scriptural references and even wrote a creedal statement for each article.

Here is the creedal statement he wrote for Article III. Who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the virgin Mary.

I believe that the Son of God,
very God of very God,
was made Man,
taking on Him human nature of soul and body,
and conjoining it with the Divine in the unity of His Person:
that a woman named Mary did by the immediate operation of
the Holy Ghost conceive Him within her womb,
and in due time brought Him forth,
continuing still as before a pure Virgin:
and that so the Word was made flesh, being,
without any original corruption,
born of a woman under the law,
that He might deliver us from the guilt of sin.

Here is the hymn he wrote for the same article that we sing during the advent/xmas seasons.

“The Son forsook the Father’s Home” (post)


Hymns of Faith – Songs for the Apostles Creed

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