The Mystery of Godliness – a hymn to Christ for Christmas


I’ve been working on this text for a number of years based in 1 Timothy 3:16. I originally wrote it as special music for a church plant I was working for in London, England (Camden Town Church).  I finally finished the song this year and recorded it with my church (Christ the King, Raleigh).

It is on our xmas ep we released this year but you can download the song for FREE during the season of christmas.  enjoy!

The Mystery of Godliness
chords | leadsheet

“Born as the Word, this Son of Man
A light has dawned, in a lightless land
He took on flesh, our very flesh”
A voice cries out, in the wilderness

He bore our shame, he bore the curse
His name denied, with thorns and thirst
The Spirit worked, His spirit sighed
The wrath of God was satisfied

Refrain 1:
Al-le-lu-ia, Worthy is the Lamb

The angels witness to proclaim
Jesus has gone, with a captives train
Ascended high, a servants throne
A present kingdom to adorn

The mystery of the risen Lord
A gospel to the ends of earth
The hearts of many will rejoice
Ten-thousands raise their thankful voice

Refrain 2:
To receive power, honor and glory, to receive praise now and forever
To receive strength, all wealth and wisdom to receive praise now and forever.

O risen Christ, ascended Lord,
All praise to Thee let earth accord,
Who art, while endless ages run,
With Father and with Spirit one

Words: Bruce Benedict and Timothy Dalton, Vs. 5. Bede.
Music: Bruce Benedict, 2008, 2012
Each verse based in a phrase of 1 Timothy 3:16
© 2012 Cardiphonia Music
*bonus – here is a link to a sermon that John Calvin preached on this text.

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