Indelible Grace Music – Joy Beyond the Sorrow

Indelible Grace Music has just released their sixth album of retuned hymns “Joy beyond the Sorrow.”  If you are unfamiliar with Indelible Grace music you can read all about this movement amongst college students to write new music to old hymns texts at their fantastic digital hymnal website. You can download the chord charts at their facebook page.

Check out Zac Hicks Review | The Retuned Review for reviews that really dig into the sonic textures and theological nuances of the new record.  Below I’ve tried to provide some simple liturgical directions for the songs.


1. From The Depths Of Woe
Music by Christopher Miner, Words by Martin Luther
– For the season of Lent, Good Friday. Guy/Girl refrain
– From Psalm 130

2. Did Christ Over Sinners Weep?
Music by Blake Mundell, Words by Henry Lyte
 Penitential Hymn

3. Pensive, Doubting, Fearful Heart
Music by Justin Smith, Words by John Newton
– To the afflicted, tossed with tempests and not comforted. Isa 44:5-11
– Also retuned by Red Mountain Music

4. Upon A Life I Did Not Live (Christ for us)
Music by Kevin Twit, Words by Horatius Bonar (alt)
– A communion hymn from Bonar titled “Christ for Us.”
– You can also listen to a recent version by RHC with all the verses.

5. Until The Daybreak
Words by Horatius Bonar, Music by Kevin Twit
– Great hymn for Advent!

6. Hast Thou Heard Him Seen Him Known Him?
Words by Ora Rowan (alt.), Music by Joel Littlepage
– hymn that calls us to the beauty of Christ against false idols

7. For The Bread Which You Have Broken
Words by Louis Benson, Music by Kevin Twit
– Communion Hymn from famed presbyterian Louis Benson

8. Hail To The Lord’s Anointed
Words by James Montgomery, Music by Sandra McCracken
– classic hymn for Christmas and Epiphany
– from Psalm 72. chords | leadsheet

9. Oft In Sorrow
Words by Henry White, Music by Justin Smith
– Great closing/sending song for worship
– Similar in theme to onward christian soldier

10. I Am Jesus’ Little Lamb
Words by Henrietta L. van Hayn, Music by Christopher Miner
– Check out the Rain for Roots project!
– Great music for kids and adults too!

11. God Moves In A Mysterious Way
Words by William Cowper (alt. J Casella), Music by Jeremy Casella
– Wonder at God’s work in creation. Grace in the face of natural disaster

12. Glory Be To God The Father
Words by Horatius Bonar, Music by Blake Mundell
– Fantastic TRINITARIAN hymn!

13. Thy Will Be Done
Words by Charlotte Elliot, Music by Justin Smith
– Contentment with God’s will
– Great to sing in a series on the Lord’s Prayer

14. Let Me Find Thee
Words by Joachim Neander, Music by Matthew S. Smith
– Song of Confession, Song of Sending

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