Revelation 2 – Seven Churches – Confession of Sin

7churches2Revelation Series: Rev. 2:1-7
Confession of Sin for the Church at Ephesus


Father in Heaven,

You have loved us before the foundations of the world

And continue to love us perfectly every day in and through Jesus your son.

But we have grown complacent in our faith, comfortable in our apathy

and cold in our intellectual assent.

Forgive us for abandoning you our First Love

And for chasing after the zeal of knowledge for its own sake.

Forgive us for growing complacent in our love for you

And for not daily renewing our faith in the living spirit of your Word.



Help us Father to repent of our best, and to lay even our

theological arrogance at the foot of the cross.

And to remember that we are fallen creatures –

totally marred by sin and selfish desires

Help us to stand firm in your grace –

and to remember that in all things we are victorious in Christ.


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