Hallel Psalms Compilation


“Hallel Psalms” is our sixth “flash mob” compilation. This collection of songs meditates on Psalms 113-118 often called the “Egyptian Hallel.” They were traditionally sung during passover, were sung by the disciples at the last supper, and make a fantastic set of texts to guide worship and devotion during Holy Week (March 25-30 this year).

We hope that this album will be an encouragement to you as you seek to bring the psalms into your worship. We think this collection is a wonderful picture of the eclectic variety in which we can approach God’s ageless songbook. May you see and hear Jesus as you sing them.

Download the album and songbook at BANDCAMP.
All donations go to the artists who contributed their music to this project.

Many thanks to Dr. Scott Redd for writing an article on ‘The Hallel and Christian Worship.’ This is also included in the album download.

Thanks to Christ the King, Raleigh and the Liturgy Fellowship community for the continued support and encouragement.

Artists that Contributed to this Compilation: (psalm order)

Bobby Krier and Justin Ruddy/Castle Island Hymns – How High (Psalm 113)
City Life Pres, Boston, MA

Nathan Partain – None but God (Psalm 113)
Redeemer Pres, Indianapolis, IN

Naaman Wood –O Who is Like the Lord Our God? (Psalm 113)
Durham, NC

Wendell Kimbrough – Who is Like the Lord Our God? (Psalm 113)
Advent DC, Washington, DC

Bruce Benedict – When Jacob Out of Egypt Came (Psalm 114)
Christ the King, Raleigh, NC

Greg Scheer – The Hills and Mountains Tremble (Psalm 114)
Church of the Servant, Grand Rapids, MI

Jonathan Green/JG Hymns – Remade in Christ (Psalm 115)
Edinburgh, Scotland

Luke Brawner – Glory to Your Name (Psalm 115)
Lakewood UMC, Houston, TX

Jess Alldredge – Our Hearts They Swell with Praise! (Psalm 116)
Grace Church Seattle, Seattle, WA

Aaron Slaten – Rest in the Promise (Psalm 116)
Mission Athens, Athens, GA

Wes Crawford – I Love the Lord (Psalm 116)
Redeemer Fellowship, Kansas City, MO

Zachary Banister and Shelby T. Murphy – Now I am Yours (Psalm 116)
Redemption Hill Church, Richmond, Va

Jered McKenna – Praise the Lord (Psalm 117)
Mitchell Road Pres – Greenville, SC

Hiram Ring – Praise the Lord All Nations (Psalm 117)

Rebekah Osborn –Praise the Lord with Glad Thanksgiving (Psalm 118)
Redeemer Pres, Indianapolis, IN

Stephen Gordon – In Him My Lips Rejoice (Psalm 118)
Grace and Peace Pres, Bowling Green, KY

Wen Reagan – He’s Opened the Gates (Psalm 118)
Christ Community Pres, Durham, NC

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