Songs for Luke Gospel Coalition Album

2040652474-1The Songs for Luke album commissioned by The Gospel Coalition has finally arrived.  Cardiphonia wrote a song based in Luke 4 “The Spirit of the Lord” that was picked up and recorded for the album.  Thrilled that our friend Melanie Penn provided vocals for the track.

You can download the album @ Bandcamp HERE

You can download charts for the album HERE.

Naaman and I also recorded a demo of our original version which we thought you would enjoy hearing against the fantastic arrangement from mike cosper and co.
mp3 | chords | leadsheet

Note from Naaman about the text:

“The Spirit of the Lord” is a hymn that grounds Luke’s high pneumotology in both Genesis 1 and in Christian baptism. The hymn also foregrounds two other ideas. First, Luke insists that the Holy Spirit is God’s favor poured out on his people. Second, the hymn implies that the same Spirit that God poured out on the earth at creation, on Mary and Jesus and the Pentecost church is the self-same Spirit that God pours out on us when we are baptized.

When earth was welter, waste, and void,
And dark disturbed the deep;
The winds of God ov’er swept the sea,
With favor soon to speak.

The Spirit of the Lord was upon it.

When Mary’s virgin womb lay void,
In barren chastity;
“Be not afraid,” the angel said,
And favor canopied.

The Spirit of the Lord is upon you.”

When Christ arose from Jordan’s banks,
And raised his voice in prayer,
A sound from heaven rent the sky,
And favor it declared.

The Spirit of the Lord was upon him.

When Jesus stood in Nazareth,
He sang the prophet’s words:
“I bring good news, release, and sight
“The favor of the Lord.”

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me.”

Over the womb of Pentecost,
The brooding Spirit howled,
And birthed the living flesh of Christ,
With favor to announce.

The Spirit of the Lord was upon them.

When plunged into the death of Christ,
And raised to life anew,
The Holy Spirit rests on us,
With favor to imbue.

The Spirit of the Lord is upon us.

(c) 2013 Cardiphonia Music (ASCAP)

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