Celebrating the Season of Easter


Here’s a few quotes and some resources for celebrating the whole 50 day season of Easter that leads us from Easter/Resurrection Sunday to Pentecost Sunday.

(HT Kevin Twit)
“The great 50 days (originally called the Pentecost) were at first far more important than the 40 days of Lent. It is perplexing why modern Christians concentrate on Lent, the season of sorrow, rather than on Easter, the season of joy. Augustine tells us, “These days after the Lord’s resurrection form a period, not of labor, but of peace and joy. That is why there is no fasting, and we pray standing, which is a sign of resurrection. This practice is observed at the altar on all Sundays, and the Alleluia is sung, to indicate that our future occupation is to be no other than the praise of God.” (Dr. James White, Introduction To Christian Worship pg. 61-62.)

(via The Worship Sourcebook)
“Because the good news of Easter can hardly be contained in a single day’s celebration, Easter is only the first of fifty days of Eastertide, the “Great Fifty Days” that lead up to Pentecost. This season is designed for extended celebration, for exploring the ramifications of Easter for the redemption of all creation, and for joyful Christian living.”

Stations of the ResurrectionPDF
Riffing on the popular use of the Stations of the Cross this contemporary meditation looks at the significant events of the Resurrection up to Pentecost.  Great to use as a devotional for personal worship, or with a staff or worship team.  You can also use this as an outline for a Pentecost Sunday service of readings and songs.

List of Resurrection Songs – blog post
(retuned, classic, cont.) focusing on the Resurrection

Communion Songs for Easterpost

Emmaus Album – Coastland Commons

CreedI Believe in the Resurrection (reformed worship)

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  1. This is a fantastic post. I love the Stations of the Resurrection idea! I’m looking forward to trying this out sometime.

    These song lists are also helpful.


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