Hymn Society 2013 – Blossoming of Song Since Vatican II


(woops….this post is getting out a few weeks later than I intended!)

In honor of the current news cycle obsession with who the new pope will be here is some info on the The Hymn Society conference happening this summer in Richmond, Va looking at the blossoming of congregational song since the 2nd Vatican Council (Vatican II).

For those who don’t know (and I don’t know much!) Vatican II was a hugely significant catholic “conference” hosted in Rome in the early 1960’s that brought about sweeping changes in how the catholic church has related to the modern world, in returning much of the action of worship to the laity, and a thawing of relations with other church bodies leading to the growth of the “ecumenical” church movement in the last 40 years.

Register for the upcoming conference HERE.

 Kevin Twit (Indelible Grace), Greg Scheer, and I will be leading a hymn festival tuesday evening called “Ingrafted Branches: The Old Hymns & New Music of the Retuned Movement.”  Alex Mejias of High Street Hymns, and David Bailey of “Making a Melody” will also be involved. 

I am also trying to organize a “retuned hymns” concert that week at an old church in Richmond that Redemption Hill Church has recently converted into a performance space “The 400“.

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  1. Sounds exquisite! I wish I could be there. Connecting with the Hymn Society is hugely significant in the broader scope of American/Western Church Music. I hope for a detailed report, or even some audio or video!

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