New Albums to Check Out – Spring 2013 edition

Here are a few new albums to check out…

Songs for the Book of Luke

I contributed a song to this new collection of worship music produced by The Gospel Coalition.  Here can read more about the project HERE and purchase the album on bandcamp HERE.

Angel Harp & Human Voice cover art

New album of “retuned hymns” produced by Brian T. Murphy (New York Hymns, Red Mountain Music) for Community Presbyterian Church down in Moody, Alabama.
Purchase | Charts

Lord of Glory cover art

Redemption Hill Church ( Richmond, Va)

New EP “Lord of Glory” to check out from our friends in Richmond who have graciously contributed to a number of our compilations.

Highland Worship | Highland Worship


Here is a blurb from their cdbaby page:
Scot-Irish, Celtic roots music, with the pipes, the fiddles, the whistles, and the soul to boot, to lift your spirits into the rafters. Getting to the root of the music in East Tennessee; this band leads worship at Apostles Anglican Church in Knoxville.

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