Psalm 113 – Who is like the Lord our God?

While Naaman and I were working on our own version of Psalm 113 Wendell Kimbrough (Advent – DC) asked if I might contribute some music to a text he was working on from the same psalm. Wendell is one of my favorite new text writers so I didn’t dare say no.  You can read his lyrics (Psalm 113 through the lens of Phil.2) and listen to some music I contributed from the links below.

Psalm 113 – Who is like the Lord our God?
mp3 | chords


Our Father, He lifts from the ashes
He raises the poor and the lost;
He seats them to dine at his table,
To feast without money or cost.

The lonely he settles in families
The barren, a mother he makes;
O happy the heart of the stranger
Who’s welcomed by this King of Grace.

Who is like the LORD our God,
Whose glory fills the skies,
But humbles himself with the broken to dwell
Who is like our God?

Though equal to God in His glory,
Christ Jesus became like a slave;
He humbled himself in obedience
To Death, and the Cross, and the Grave.

Victorious, he rose to the highest;
In glory, the Savior was raised.
His name above all names exalted;
The heavens and earth sing His praise


O Saints, fix your eyes on the Savior
And count all your righteousness lost
Be found in his love and his favor
And share in his death on the cross

That all of his power in victory,
Imparted to you, may abound
And sharing the suff’rings of Jesus,
You share in his glory and crown


Words: © 2013 Wendell Kimbrough; from Psalm 113, Phil 2, 3;
Music: Bruce Benedict & Wendell Kimbrough.
Recorded by Wendell Kimbrough and Ben Hofer

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