Notes and News Summer 2013

We’ve been enjoying a sabbatical at Cardiphonia but here are a few bits and bobs to check out.


Bifrost Arts | He Will Not Cry Out

Bifrost Arts has released their newest collection of hymns and originals “He Will Not Cry Out.”  Very, very excited to contribute an original track that bifrost arranged for this record. Please check it out.  More info on the record after they officially release it soon. Those that went to the Bifrost Arts conference in philly got a chance to purchase the album early.

Our friend Caroline Cobb has a new album of songs that sing the story of redemption.  Check out a preview of “The Blood + the Breath” at, also spend some time soaking in her excellent curated site The Scripture to Music Collective.


Patrick Schlabs, who heads up “Holy City Hymns” is one of the coolest, and most thoughtful young worship leaders I know.  Make sure and check out their newest compilation “not a word” on bandcamp.  “Holy City Hymns is a liturgical music collective out of Charleston, South Carolina. It is music for the Church, by the church.”

Songs for the Book of Luke cover art

Songs for the Book of Luke – Naaman Wood and I contributed a track “The Spirit of the Lord” to this awesome compilation of songwriters and worship leaders from churches around the country — all writing songs based in the Gospel of Luke.


Doxology and Theology: How the Gospel forms the Worship Leader.  A new book just out that I contributed too. I wrote about how I came to love liturgy and why I think it (liturgy) is incredibly helpful to proclaiming the whole Gospel and the whole counsel of God from Scripture.

David Taylor – two posts + a book that are a must read.  1. Ten Theses on Christian Worship and 2. His list for summer reading.  I also just finished sharing with a group of local arts lovers about what it means to be a patron of the arts.  “For the Beauty of the Church” was a guiding hand in my presentation!

John Witvliet – A lot of great articles on the future of hymnals showing up recently.  Check out a recent Worship Leader article and a new article from John – “Ten Reasons Why Hymnals Have a Future.”

Mike Farley – mike is the worship pastor at central pres in St. Louis and a wealth of knowledge on all matters liturgical.  Here is a recent article on his church’s decision to modernize the language of the Lord’s Prayer for use in corporate worship.

The Worship Sourcebook, second edition. Updated edition of the worship sourcebook.  A must for any worship leader using liturgical forms.

‘Performance and Worship’ Articles – “Reclaiming Performance in Worship” by Monique Ingalls in conversation with Justin Taylor’s “The Difference between congregational worship and a concert.”


Lift Up Your Hearts – shameless plug.  I have two songs in a hymnal releasing this summer from the RCA/CRC denominations.  Come, Holy Ghost and my adaptation of Watts Psalm 120 are included.   Make sure to attend this summers Hymn Society gathering to hear and sing more about it.

Changes coming soon…

In late August I will begin doctoral studies at Duke Divinity.  I will be studying the history of worship (both ancient and modern) with Dr. Lester Ruth and developing a comprehensive retuned hymn resource site.  Cardiphonia also hopes to release our next compilation for xmas exploring the biblical canticles (both OT and NT).

2 thoughts on “Notes and News Summer 2013

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  1. Enjoying Bifrost Arts’ new album. Listening to it over and over again. Shame they’re as impenetrable as North Korea. I found my copy on CD Baby after lots of searching.
    Looking forward to my copy of The Blood And The Breath hopefully turning up tomorrow. The noisetrade sampler was very interesting.
    Might check out ‘not a word’.
    Underwhelmed by Songs For The Book Of Luke. Listened to it a few times and the melodies just won’t stick and the lyrics are more earnest than artful. It’s not compelling listening and I can’t figure out who’d be singing it.

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