David Taylor – Five trends in contemporary worship

Very interesting post from the always-worth-reading W. David O. Taylor.

You can read the whole post HERE.  Below is a brief outline to spark your interest.

“Recently Jeremy Begbie asked me what I saw happening in the church worship world. He was preparing material to present at a conference in London, titled Joined Up Worshipand wondered what sorts of developments and questions I had observed of late. While there is no way that I can claim semi-omniscient perspective–the terrain is simply too vast and too detailed to yield a reasonable survey in one glance–I felt that I had, in fact, begun to notice certain patterns over the past number of years.Here is part one to my answers, focusing largely on the musical arts, and while they’ll be new to some, they’ll be old hat to others; it might also be more appropriate to call these on-going trends, since some of them originate in the 1960s and ’70s. I certainly welcome your additions and emendations. I’ll post part two in a couple of days.”

.Five (sort of) new developments: 

1. A significant interest in “ancient” liturgical resources. 
2. A significant interest in locally produced music over against production company-generated music.
3. A significant interest in theologically intelligent music.
4. A significant interest in cross-cultural resources for worship.
5. A significant interest in the missional dimension of worship.

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