List of Retuned Hymn Projects

While doing research for my Oxford paper I put together a list of all the ‘retuned’ hymns projects that bear some relational or institutional connection to the retuned hymn movement of the PCA, RUF, Indelible Grace strain.  I included albums that were at least 80% retuned hymns. As well, I didn’t include any xmas CD’s and other groups that I considered being their own movements (Reformed Praise, Sovereign Grace, Getty/Townend) but the list is still pretty impressive!

You can check out the google doc LINK for more information on these albums but I’ve posted the year, group, and title of the albums below.

Year      Group/Performer Title
1996 Texas A&M RUF Soli Deo Gloria
1997 Vanderbilt RUF A Cloud of Witnesses
1999 Auburn RUF Boundless, Free…
2000 Indelible Grace/ Belmont U Indelible Grace
2000 NYU RUF From All Their Sin and Sorrow
2001 Auburn RUF Love Unknown
2001 Indelible Grace/ Belmont U Pilgrim Days
2002 Brian Moss (John Knox Pres) All Things New
2002 Christopher Miner The Calm of Paradise
2003 Grace Church Seattle The Grace Orchestra
2003 Green Lake Presbyterian A record of worship
2003 Indelible Grace/ Belmont U For All the Saints
2003 Red Mountain Music Depth of Mercy
2003 Redeemer Presbyterian NY New York Hymns
2003 Texas A&M RUF Awake My Soul and Sing
2003 Yale RUF Into Thy Light
2004 Christopher Miner All Good Things Come From the Desert
2004 Parlor Sessions Nathan Partain
2004 Red Mountain Music Heaven
2004 St. Patrick Presbyterian Live at St. Pats
2005 Eric Priest Psalms and Hymns:From First to Last
2005 Grace Church Seattle Depth of Mercy
2005 Indelible Grace/ Belmont U Beams of Heaven
2005 Jars of Clay Redemption Songs
2005 Jill Phillips Kingdom Come
2005 Park Slope Church Kingsborough Hymns
2005 Red Mountain Music The Gadsby Project
2005 U of Washington RUF Rare Sunshine
2006 Brian Moss Not What My Hands Have Done
2006 Hymn Factory Sun of My Soul
2006 Matthew Smith All I Owe
2006 Pageant Music angels, trees + flowers
2006 Red Mountain Music Help My Unbelief
2006 Redeemer Presbyterian Church of New Orleans Signs Amid the Rubble: A Tribute to New Orleans
2006 Redeemer Presbyterian-Indy Mid All the Traffic
2006 Sandra McCracken The Builder and the Architect
2007 High Street Hymns High Street Hymns
2007 Indelible Grace/ Belmont U Wake Thy Slumbering Children
2007 Luke Morton No More Fear
2007 Nathan Partain The Parlour Sessions
2007 Red Mountain Music This Breaks My Heart of Stone
2008 Andrea Tisher Awake the Sacred Song (The hymns of Anne Steele)
2008 JG Hymns Hymns 1
2008 Matt Hinton Awake My Soul (disc 2)
2008 Pageant Music 12 Gates
2008 The Restoration Project The Restoration Project
2008 The Welcome Wagon The Welcome Wagon
2009 Bifrost Arts Come O Spirit
2009 High Street Hymns Love’s Redeeming Work is Done
2009 Indelible Grace/ Belmont U By Thy Mercy (acoustic)
2009 Intown Music Communion, Vol. 1
2009 JG Hymns Hymns Volume II
2009 Matthew Smith The Road Sessions Collection
2009 Pearl Church Space for Worship
2009 Sojourn Music Over the Grave (Watts Hymns)
2009 This Unseen Hymnal
2009 Zac Hicks and Cherry Creek Worship The Glad Sound
2009-2011 Page CXVI Hymns I – IV
2010 Cardiphonia Music Hymns of Faith
2010 Castle Island Hymns Prelude
2010 Chad Gray Sound and Shape
2010 Evan Mazunik Sunday Songs
2010 Hope Chapel What Spoils From Death He Won
2010 Mathew Smith Watch the Rising Day
2010 Mercer RUF As the Day Approaches
2010 Red Mountain Music All Things New
2010 The Mountain Foot Gospel… Wanderer’s Rest
2011 All Saints Hymns Singing Stones
2011 Cardiphonia Music Pentecost Songs
2011 Cardiphonia Music Songs for the Supper
2011 Chicago Liturgy Proclaim the Bridegroom Near
2011 City Hymns Fragments of Grace
2011 Greg Willson Old & New, Vol.1
2011 High Street Hymns Hearts and Voices
2011 Katy and Kenny Ghostly Songs
2011 Redeemer Knoxville Rise O Buried Lord
2011 Sojourn Music The Water and the Blood (Watts, 2)
2011 The Growing City (Davidson RUF) A Bouquet for the Gardner
2011 The Restoration Project Hail the Cross, Our Only Hope
2011 Zac Hicks and Cherry Creek Worship Without Our Aid
2012 Benjamin Brainerd Behold the Savior
2012 Cardiphonia Music Hymns of Ascension
2012 Daniel Zott Hymns
2012 Edbrooke Collective Rewritten
2012 Fort Worth PCA O Bless the Lord, My Soul: Hymns for the Redeemed Church
2012 Grace and Peace Church Grace & Peace
2012 Grace and Peace Church For the Feast
2012 Greg Willson New & Old, Vol. 2
2012 High Street Hymns Love Lives Again
2012 Hope Hymns Volume 1
2012 Indelible Grace/ Belmont U Joy Beyond All Sorrow
2012 Mission Athens Music Because of Christ
2012 Mosaic Austin The Mosaic Hymnal Vol. I
2012 New Parish Psalms Christ is Our Cornerstone
2012 New York Hymns Songs for Lent
2012 Quarry Street Hymnal Quarry Street Hymnal, Vol. 1
2012 Seattle Hymn Project That They May Live
2012 St. Andrews Hymns Safely Home
2012 Stephen Miller (Journey Church) Hymns
2012 The Gentle Wolves Volumes 1-5
2012 The Welcome Wagon Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices
2012 Wayfarer Hymns The River
2013 Bifrost Arts He Will Not Cry Out
2013 Cardiphonia Music Hallel Psalms
2013 Daniel Snoke + City Reformed Pres At Last Far Off
2013 Holy City Hymns Not a Word
2013 Journey Church Grace
2013 Landon Ditto Through the Deep Water
2013 Lex Mundi Music/Lexington Pres Hear Our Cry: Hymns of the Poor
2013 Luke Morton Beggar
2013 Matt Scott Poets and Saints
2013 Sun Valley Church (Craig Harris) Hymns, Strings, and Things Vol 1
2014 Cardiphonia Music Songs for the Incarnation
2014 Coral Ridge Worship + Zac Hicks The Magnificent Three
2014 Faith presbyterian Made for This
2014 Grace and Peace Church Then Turn, My Soul, to Thy Rest
2014 Hope Hymns Volume II
2014 Page CXVI Lent,Holy Week, Christmas
2014 Red River Hymnal Red River Hymnal
2014 Redeemer Knoxville Morning and Evening
2014 Redemption Hill Music Poor Wayfaring Stranger
2014 Riverview Music To God and to the Lamb
2014 Songs of Grace
2014 The Calendar Years Advent
2014 The Crossing Music Liturgy of Seasons​-​Vol. I: Autumn’s March
2014 The Crossing Music Liturgy of Seasons – Vol. II: Winter’s Woe
2014 The Hymn Collective Live At the Avon Theatre
2014 Tyler Clements and Ryan Mayo Songs for Danforth Chapel
2014 Zach Sprowls Everlasting Arms
2015 Benjamin Brainerd Church Songs
2015 Blake Flattley There Will Be Rest
2015 Cardiphonia Music Psalm, 135-150
2015 City Church Music Transfiguration EP
2015 City Church Music Love Divine, Victorious – Holy Week
2015 Coram Deo Omaha Swallowed Up Death
2015 Grinstead (Boyce College) Hymns
2015 Hope College Worship Thy Love Unfailing – Lent
2015 HymnCity HymnCity
2015 Indelible Grace Look to Jesus – IG 7
2015 Joel and Naomi Stamoolis Fully Set Your Hope
2015 Pacific Gold Sing My Welcome Home
2015 Roots Worship Collective Chicago Chapter
2015 Sacred City Hymnal Volume 1
2015 Sojourn Music New Again
2015 The Alone Instrument self titled
2015 The Crossing Music Liturgy of Seasons​-​Vol. III: Spring’s Ardor
2015 The Pilgrim Project The Pilgrim Project
2015 Trinity Church Amazing Love
2016 Cardiphonia Music Hollow Square Hymnal
2016 Church at Charlotte Out of the Depths
2016 RUF-UNC The CrestNest Sessions
2016 The Alone Instrument Volume II
2016 The Corner Room What Great Mystery
2016 The Journey Collective Take Away My Darling Sin

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  1. In 1995-1996, Berry College Campus Outreach produced 2 albums – ‘Frost’ and ‘Barnwell’. Each album contains only reset hymns and are excellent. The albums are named after the chapels on campus where the live performances were recorded.

  2. Many thanks.
    More material to check out.
    It would be great if the producers of the earlier albums on this list would make them available digitally, if they haven’t already.

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