Bifrost Arts – He Will Not Cry Out (Album)


Bifrost Arts, a sacred music outfit founded by Isaac Wardell and Joey Pensak, and currently housed in Trinity Presbyterian (Charlottesville, VA) released a new album of hymns and originals earlier this year.  I am a bit late to the game but have posted below a few liturgical suggestions for each song.  You can also read some great interviews with Isaac over at Hopeful Realism for both this album and Bifrost Arts.

Songbook PDF

1. Psalm 90 (In Every Age O Lord)
– Words and Music by Isaac Wardell
– A Prayer of Moses – a Psalm of rest and assurance

2. Psalm 46 (God is Our Refuge)
– Words and Music by Mike Crawford, 2009 (alt by Isaac Wardell)
– Song of praise and hope amidst trying circumstances

3. We Are Not Overcome
– Words and Music by Isaac Wardell & Robert Heiskell, 2011
– Based in Lamentations 3
– Song for evening worship

4. By His Wounds
– Words by Isaac Wardell, 2011; Tune: Traditional
– A song for communion, may be sung in the round.

5. Bonhoffer’s Prayer (Lord, Early in the Morning)
– Words by Isaac Wardell, adapted from “Morning Prayer” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
– Tune based on “aber du weiBt den weg fur mich”
– Song for morning worship.

6. He Will Not Cry Out (Isaiah 42)
– Words and Music by Bruce Benedict, 2006 (adapted by Isaac Wardell, 2010
– Originally composed for a Good Friday service.

7. Psalm 126 (Our Mouths, They Were Filled)
– Words and Music by Isaac Wardell, 2011
– A Psalm of Ascent – perfect for holy week.

8. He Is Given
– Words and Music by Isaac Wardell, 2010
– Ideal song for the Easter Triduum. Sing verses throughout Good Friday, Easter Vigil, Easter.

9. If It Be Your Will 
– Words and Music by Leonard Cohen, arr. by Isaac Wardell

10. Take Us O Lord
– Words and Music by Isaac Wardell
– Song for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, or post communion.

11. Agnus Dei (Lamb of God)
– Traditional, setting by Isaac Wardell
– “Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world”
– Check out this setting by Jess Alldredge

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  1. Is it possible to get a pdf of these songs? Especially, He is Given. Want to sing it this Sunday and the dropbox is gone. Thanks.

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