Luke Morton – Beggar (album)


Luke Morton is the assistant pastor at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Issaquah, WA and also a great contributor to the growing repertoire of retuned hymns.

I originally met Luke when he was an RUF intern at University of Washington slinging out retunes with fellow intern Luke Brodine. They recorded an album of retuned hymns in 2005 called “Rare Sunshine” that you can listen too HERE.

Luke has also just finished up a brand new album of songs called “BEGGAR.” You can download the album and see lyrics at BANDCAMP. A songbook should be available soon.

You can download the ENTIRE songbook for the album HERE.


1. A Pilgrim & A Stranger
– Lyrics by Jane Borthwick, 1666, Tr. Paul Gerhardt, 1858.

2. Through the Night of Doubt & Sorrow
– Lyrics by  Bernhard Severin Ingemann (1825)Translator: Sabine Baring-Gould (1867)
– Reflecting on a life of pilgrimage and focus on God.

3. Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies
– Lyrics by Charles Wesley, 1740
– Classic text for Epiphany

4. Psalm 23 (The Lord My Shepherd Is)
– Lyrics by Isaac Watts

5. As a Beggar, I Come to Thee
– Words and Music: Luke Morton, 2012
– Song for post communion/sending

6. The Lamb has Overcome
– Words and Music: Luke Morton, 2011
– Modern spiritual. Easter, Communion,etc
– featured on Cardiphonia’s “Songs for the Supper

7. Whate’er My God Ordains is Right
– Lyrics by Samuel Rodigast, 1676
– check out the version from Indelible Grace

8. Though Troubles Assail Us
– Lyrics by John Newton, 1779
– Song of assurance, from Phil 4.

9. O Lord, I Will Delight in Thee
– Lyrics from John Ryland, 1777
– Finding satisfaction in God

10. To You, O Lord, I Fly (Psalm 16)
– Lyrics from Psalm 16; The Psalter, 1912
– Upbeat, opening or closing song.

11. For Me to Live is Jesus
– Lyrics by unknown Author, Tr. Catherine Winkworth, 1850
– Contemplating perserverance of the Saints.

12. Jesus, Master, Whose I Am
– Lyrics by Frances R. Havergal, 1865
– Trinity Hymnal, #590
– A good hymn for Confirmation (HT:John Julian)

13. Wake, Awake for Night is Flying
– Lyrics by Philipp Nicolai, 1599
– Meditation on Eternal Life
– A Christmas song for the lectionary.

14. O Praise the Lord, for He is Good (Psalm 118)
– Lyrics: Paraphrase of Psalm 118, author unknown

15. Jerusalem, My Happy Home
– Lyrics by Bromehead, possibly attr. to St. Augustine
Read more history of this text at the Hymnary
– Another version from New York Hymns

Rare Sunshine cover art
Rare Sunshine by RUF – Seattle (2005)

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