News and Notes for Fall 2013

Here are a few new things you need to check out.

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 10.24.08 AM
1. THANKS! to everyone who supported our Kickstarter for the upcoming #Canticles compilation.

2. Castle Island Hymns

Their new album is done! You should be able to stream it now if you were a kickstarter supporter, but otherwise it will be available soon to all. You can get a sneak peak of the new album by checking out some of the demo versions that have appeared on past Cardiphonia compilations. ;)

3. Download a PDF of Martin Luther’s hymnal.  An exhaustive look at the Reformer’s hymnal with both german and english translations.  

4. New Song from Zac Hicks for the Liberate Conference. See info from his post below that I’ve pasted.

Tell People About the Conference and GET A FREE SONG

“One Way Love” is the title track for the album…it also happens to be the theme of the conference and the title of Tullian’s powerful new book (great stories and life-changing teaching).  We’ll release the “official” version of “One Way Love” with the album at the conference, but to prime the promotional pump, Julie Anne Osterhus and I recorded a quirky acoustic mix that combines great words and a skippy style.

Here’s how to get the song:

Just tweet with the hashtag #2014liberate and the website

Here’s an autotweet if typing and clicking proves tedious, and here’s to a new reformation!

One Way Love – Lyrics

1. O how beneath the law I lay
In heavy bondage and distress
I try to perfectly obey,
I try in vain, without success.

I’m desperate, and weary
I lift my eyes to You

One way love
From the Father, through the Spirit, in the Son
O grace inexhaustible, in my exhaustion come
O cross, where atonement for my sin was made
By Jesus Christ, in death and life
Descending from above through Your one way love

2. To see the law by Christ fulfilled
To hear His gentle, pardoning voice
Changes a slave into a child
Transforming duty into choice

I’m forgiven, adopted
Your grace is changing me

Once bound beneath the weight of sin
You bound me to Your grace
Now freely chosen in the Son
I freely choose His ways

Words: William Cowper, 1779 (verses) alt.; Zac Hicks & Julie Anne Osterhus, 2013 (pre-chorus, chorus, & bridge)
Music: Zac Hicks & Julie Anne Osterhus, 2013
©2013 Unbudding Fig Music (ASCAP); Julie Anne Osterhus, 2013

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