Retuned Hymn CD for your Halloween Weekend

a1605018367_10A few years back two of my favorite artists, Katy Bowser and Kenny Hutson (who also happened to be married), released a little collection of retuned hymns called “Ghostly Songs.”

Here Katy explains why they called their album “Ghostly” songs.  A great meditation for this weekend.

Why Ghostly Songs?  Well, apparently we’re not the first to enjoy the phrase.  The German word for hymns or spiritual songs is geistliche Lieder.  Martin Luther’s collection of songs, for example, was called Geistliche Lieder.  The term appealed to me- literally, it’s ghostly songs, as in the Holy Ghost, or Holy Spirit.  But we don’t use the term Holy Ghost as much these days.  And for that matter, we don’t talk about death and other hard, mysterious things in the church very freely…

Here is the tracklist – purchase on BANDCAMP

1. God Who Madest Earth and Heaven (free) 04:03

2. Rejoice, Rejoice, Ye Christians (free) 03:21

3. Let Me Find Thee 03:24

4.Now All The Woods Are Sleeping 05:44

5. Go And Dig My Grave Today 05:12

6.Him Upon The Cross I Love 06:21

7. Ah, Holy Jesus  05:57

8. Easter Day 04:29

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