Music for the Biblical Canticles Project

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So we are all about the biblical canticles right now at Cardiphonia HQ.  We just finished up a successful Kickstarter and now we are working on getting our worship guide written up.

One huge need / burning question we have right now is how to support this project with visuals?  If we had unlimited resources and time we would have loved to commission a piece of art to support each song/text.  But maybe you have already created something, or know someone who would be perfect to connect with?  Our friend Erik Newby is spearheading the cover design but I would still love to have pieces for each individual song for the book.  This book will eventually be published and I’ll be sharing the whole project at the Calvin Worship Symposium in January.

Contact me –> Cardiphonia (at) gmail.dom

Here is the list of biblical texts and songwriters who are contributing to this project:

The Song of Moses, Ex.15:1-18
1. My Strength, My Song by Douglas ODonnell

The 2nd Song of Moses, Deut. 32:1-43
1 Ascribe (Give Ear, O Heaven) by Luke Brawner

The 1st Song of Isaiah, Isaiah 12:1-6
1. Zion (So Give Thanks to the Lord) by Redemption Hill

The Prayer of Isaiah, Isaiah 26:9-20
1. In The Night by Jason Morrell (City Church, San Fran)
2. In Our Distress We Sought the Lord by Mark Ribera & Katie Tracy

The Song of Hezekiah, Isaiah 38:10-20
1. The Weaver of Time by Greg Scheer

The 2nd Song of Isaiah, Isaiah 55:6-11
1. Awake My Soul by Hiram Ring
2. Seek Ye the Lord while he may be found by Greg Wilbur

The 3rd Song of Isaiah, Isaiah 60:1-19
1. ” ” by Jess Alldredge
2. Arise and Look to the Skies by Craig Harris
3. Arise, Shine! by Jered McKenna

The Psalm of Jonah, Jonah 2:2-9
1. I Called to God by Patrick Schlabs
2. Jonah’s Song by Jeff Bourque
3. Alas! The Lord My Life is Gone by Karl Digerness and Brian T. Murphy

The Prayer of Habakkuk, 3:2-19
1. “Habakkuk’s Prayer (Still I Will Rejoice)” Caroline Cobb

The Song of Mary, Luke 1:46-55
1. Sing Out My Soul by Brian Moss
2. Canticle of the Turning by Gentle Wolves (Richard Kentopp)
3. In Remembrance of His Mercy, He Has Come by Wen Reagan
4. My Soul Magnifies the Lord by Andrew Rottner

The Song of Zechariah, Luke 1:68-79
1. Dawning Light of Our Salvation by Wendell Kimbrough
2. Set Us Free by Phil Majorins and CC Berekely

The Song of Simeon, Luke 2:29-33
1. Simeon’s Song (Consolation) by Bruce Benedict
2. You Send Your Servant Forth in Peace by Steve Thorngate

The Song of Moses and the Lamb, Revelation 15:3-4
1. For You Alone by Naaman Wood
2. Song of Moses and the Lamb by Brady Toops
3. You Alone are Holy by Peter LaGrand

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  1. Just highlighted you guys on my blog – found out about Cardiphonia when my music pastor (Wes Crawford from Redeemer Kansas City) wrote one of the songs for Hallel Psalms. Thank you for making such inspiring, thoughtful music!

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