Canticles – a new compilation from Cardiphonia

Canticles cover art

We are excited to share that our new album is finally available.

Please visit our BandCamp site to download the album (which includes a full songbook).

Our huge thanks to everyone who supported this project via our Kickstarter!

Note – while we are offering this album for free any donations given will be passed on to the Van Patter family.

The Van Patters– Michael, Hannah, Piper (3), and Watts (1)– live in Greensboro, NC. At the end of May 2013, Watts was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Since then, they’ve spent nearly 100 days/nights in the hospital (Brenner Children’s in Winston Salem, NC) as Watts receives aggressive chemotherapy. Treatment will continue for another 18 months. The weekend that Watts was diagnosed, the Van Patter’s started keeping a blog, hoping that it would serve as both a source of updates and a testimony to the goodness of God, even in painful and unexplainable circumstances. For more info, visit

future posts…

Read more about the artists involved in this project.

– Check out other versions of the Canticles that we have gathered.

Come to the Calvin Worship Symposium this year to hear us share about this project.

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