Worshipping with the Modern Anglicans

Peters Branch MusicLast week I had a wonderful time worshipping with the community at Trinity Anglican Seminary in Ambridge, PA (just north of Pittsburg). (FYI – Jamie Smith will be here in June for a worship conference) We spent three days diving into the nuts and bolts of songwriting for the church with some good time spent in actual songwriting as well.

Andy Piercy (read about him HERE) led our time.  Andy was a worship pastor at Holy Trinity Brompton in London for many years and helped produced records for Matt Redman and Delerious. Andy has been in the states for a few years working with the AmiA church, personally based out of St. Andrews church in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

In our three days together Andy was joined by Ed Goeke, Godfrey Birtill, and myself. Ed shared on how to write and lead chant and more traditional liturgical settings.  I shared on how to find and write music from old hymn texts for the church seasons, and Godfrey Birtill shared stories and music from his ministry spreading the Gospel through playing bars in the UK and abroad.

A couple takeaways from the time.

1. I was deeply encouraged by the group of folks who gathered to share their time and talents.  In little over three days we heard almost 40 bits of new songs that were written during the time together.

2. I was able to have some time to write myself! One of the exercises for my group was working through Charles Wesley’s collection “Resurrection Hymns.” You can download a pdf of that HERE. In this collection Wesley has a nine verse hymn that he wrote inspired by one section of The Great Litany. One of my goals will be to finish this song for Easter.

“By the mystery of thy holy incarnation; by thy
holy nativity and circumcision; by thy baptism,
fasting, and temptation; by thine agony, and
bloody sweat; by thy cross and passion; by thy
precious death and burial; by thy glorious
resurrection and ascension; and by the coming
of the Holy Ghost, good Lord, deliver us.”

3. I was reminded of the amazing resources being produced by groups working in the AMiA and ACNA branches of the Anglican church in America right now.  Most of this is situated in the local church and serving the needs of liturgical/contemporary worship.  Such great people and music.  Please support their work!

Advent DC (Washington, DC)
led by Wendell Kimbrough

Trinity Anglican Mission (Atlanta, GA)
led by Marty Reardon

Falls Church Anglican Music (Falls Church, Va)
led by Jaime Brown

Holy City Hymns (Charleston, SC)
led by Patrick Schlabs

Church of the Incarnation (Dallas, TX)
led by Justin Brooks

Peters Branch Music (Fleming Island, Florida)
led by Tripp Prince

Songs for Liturgy (Denver, CO)
led by Drew Collins

High Street Hymns (Richmind, Va)
led by Alex Mejias


The Mystery of Christ (Book and CD) by Glenn Packiam
not anglican per say but deeply interested in and informed by a love of the great tradition.

Ancient & Modern – new anglican hymnal just published, 2013
I am loving the broad selection of modern texts in this newest iteration of the Ancient and Modern hymnal.

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  1. The Peter’s Branch recording is fantastic. Very good service music, and the Invocation of the Light is really good.

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