Resources for the Calvin Worship Symposium 2014

2014SymposiumwebimageHere is a collection of links, posts, and pages to check out during the various presentations this week.

Symposium 2014 on the Interwebs

You can watch a number of videos of services and plenary’s HERE.
You can read back over twitter comments, links, and pictures at #wsymp14

Songwriting Seminary (Thursday)

Master List of Retuned Hymn Artists and Projects (check other tab for albums)
google doc

Blog – Top 30 Retuned Hymns

Interview – Kevin Twit on Bobby Gilles “My Song in the Night” page

Information on fellow presenters Greg Scheer and Ruth Duck

Canticles Seminar (Fri/Sat)

PDF of Modern Scripture Songs from The Verses Project and Caroline Cobb Music

PDF Songbook of songs based in biblical canticles (40+ Songs)

PDF and Album Links for the Cardiphonia Compilation

Highlights from Symposium

Hallel Psalms Vespers – Greg Scheer
You can watch a vespers service of music written to the entire Hallel Psalm collection from Greg Scheer.  Here is greg’s contribution to our Hallel Psalm compilation.

Anne Zaki –
Her talk on how to pray for the church in difficult international situations was incredibly helpful and moving. You should be able to watch above.

Jeremy Begbie and James KA Smith
Mostly Jeremy discussing how the ‘musterion’ of the gospel is about the revealing of Jesus Christ. Very helpful stuff…and none of us will ever listen to the music to downtown abbey the same again! 

Heidelberg – Songs from the Catechism by Jeremy Zeyl
jeremy and I had a moment as brothers in the work of setting ancient catechisms to music! Listen to his songs at his SOUNDCLOUD account.

Upward Call – Devin Pogue and Carl Chombo
enjoying this new ‘retuned hymns’ project from folks in the Chicago area.

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