Zac Hicks – His Be the Victors Name


Zac Hicks and Coral Ridge Worship have just released a new EP and we are going to participate in this awesome event by giving a few CD’s away with a fun contest.

Since we are all about hymn geekery here at Cardiphonia we’re going to test your google skills and hopefully you’ll learn a little bit about the songs and hymns featured on Zac’s newest record.

Download audio HERE

Download the songbook HERE

Here are the questions.  Post the answers to twitter with a link to zac’s record and the hashtag #hisbethevictorsname.   The first three people to answer all of these correctly will each get a free EP!

1. Who is the author of the hymn that lends its title to Zac’s EP?

2. What reformer wrote the original lyrics inspired by Psalm 130 to track 3 on the record?

3. What NT scripture verse is the first track title drawing from?

4. Who is the hymn author behind the track “One Way Love”?

5. Who is the author of the hymn written by the author of “Once for All”?

That’s it! Now go share this record with everyone you know!

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